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Road marking paints, in combination with glass beads, comprise the horizontal road marking system. Their purpose is to control traffic (separation of traffic lanes or highlighting of parking spots), to convey information towards drivers (e.g. the direction of exit of an high-speed roadway) and to separate and make visible the different road lanes. The latter advantage of colour-coded markings is particularly important in the case of poor weather conditions or at night, when it is less difficult for the driver to see all the elements surrounding each roadway.

It is therefore obvious that great importance must be given to the correct design of the road markings. The lines should be made with high quality materials that offer the desired characteristics.

In summary, the key characteristics of a road marking are: shade, brightness, retro-reflectivity, skid resistance and durability.

Shade: The usual shades, which are also available from Zeus Paints are White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red.

Brightness: It is related to the reflection of the light on the road marking paint.

Retro-reflectivity: The ability of the road marking material to reflect incident light in the same direction of incidence. (Particularly important for driving at night). To achieve the required retro-reflectivity, glass beads (reflective beads) are dispersed on the road marking paint.

Skid resistance: The road marking material shall offer at least the same skid resistance as the road surface.

Durability: The life-span of the road marking, which is affected by the type and density of traffic, the type of road marking material, the thickness of the coating and the weather conditions.

The above characteristics of a striping colour are defined by the relevant standard EN 1436 (Road marking performance for road users)Another relevant European Standard is EN 1871 which relates to physical characteristics of the road marking paint such as the melting point, ice point and alkali resistance (quality requirements). Other specifications that apply are EN 1824 (technical testing of road marking materials), as well as EN 1423 and EN 1424 (glass bead and aggregate requirements).

Zeus Paints can provide you with high-quality Acrylic Solvent-Based Road Marking Paint in all common shades (white, yellow, blue, black).

Our road marking paint is available in packages of: 3lt, 16lt, 200kg Steel Drum, 1,5tn Tank.

Feel free to contact us for more information as well as for the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of our Zeus Paints Road Marking Paint.


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